This Is Why Hollywood Sucks.

November 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Re: this video
I legitimately get mad that people don’t care more about this. Only something like 7 percent of Hollywood directors are female, and they’re mostly relegated to making shitty rom-coms–and that percentage is actually decreasing. From what I know of screenwriting, I’m guessing the presence of female writers hovers around the same number. Directors of color equal 10 percent of the total, and again, writers of color are even less than that. People (rightfully) bitch about the representation of people of color on screen, but the number of POC on screen is actually pretty impressive compared to the number of them working behind the scenes. This is why Hollywood sucks so much, point blank.
But I have a hard time pinning full blame on the directors or casting directors or producers. Movies that break the mold have been made–and audiences rarely go to see them. It’s hard for me to argue that producers have an ethical responsibility to put POC or strong women in lead roles if doing so is going to lose them money. That’s not how it works. Producers and directors are an easy scapegoat, but they make movies for the audience. The audience, not the directors/producers, are the ones who have decided they won’t sit through interracial relationships or black leads or fully fleshed out LGBT characters. And a lot of people who bitch about the state of Hollywood are still totally content to fork over their money to watch movies that marginalize POC and women and the LGBT community, and to ignore or discount movies featuring POC and women and the LGBT community . . . If it’s important to you, then you need to put your money where your mouth is, think about what you’re supporting, and stop. Audiences deciding en masse to stop supporting this bullshit is the only way that things will ever change. There are enough thoughtful people out there to make a substantial dent in the amount of racist/sexist/heterosexist tripe that Hollywood puts out, but most of us are too lazy to bother.

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