What I Wore: Bernard Loiseau Orangette

December 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

I love it when two of my interests come together serendipitously. I love food. I love perfume. So naturally I’m going to be intrigued by a chef-created perfume . . . in this case, Orangette by Bernard Loiseau.

Loiseau is best known as the chef and later owner of French restaurant La Côte d’Or, who killed himself over the rumored upcoming loss of his third Michelin star. The myth isn’t strictly true–Michelin had let Loiseau know that he’d be retaining his three-star rating shortly before his death–but the pressure of maintaining his reputation in a mercurial environment, combined with his long-term battle with depression and mounting debt, culminated in his eventual suicide.

When I found out that Loiseau had actually conspired with a perfume company to put out a series of food-inspired perfumes, I hoped it wasn’t too late to try one. While four of the five scents have long since disappeared–gingerbread, fennel, parsley and pepper-inspired–I did manage to get my hands on a sample of Orangette, a bright, lovely orange & chocolate blend. On me, it starts out orange-heavy with a hint of spice and cocoa, but by the time it begins to fade, it’s all chocolate. Perfect for Christmastime.

Fun fact: In what actually makes it a three-way intersection of some of my favorite things, the chef Auguste Gusteau in my favorite Pixar movie, Ratatouille, is loosely based on Loiseau.

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§ 2 Responses to What I Wore: Bernard Loiseau Orangette

  • Jayne says:

    I was happy to read your article (whoever you are…?) as I was given this bottle of Orangette by a perfume-loving friend a few years ago, and I absolutely adore it!!! I use it very sparingly as I have no idea where or how to get more–I would hate to run out! Any ideas on that to share?
    I would greatly appreciate it–I had no idea unbtil now who Bernard was but remember reading about him after his death, very sad indeed.

    • h. says:

      Unfortunately, I have no ideas either! I got mine as a tiny sample from the Perfumed Court, and my googling on where to acquire an actual bottle didn’t produce anything either. Good luck with your search though! (And be sure to let me know if you find anywhere that’s still got a bottle, haha.)

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