2011 in Theater/Ballet/Opera

December 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

  1. Misericordes, The Bolshoi Ballet, 2009
  2. Jewels, The Paris Opera Ballet, 2005
  3. Carmen, The Metropolitan Opera, 2010
  4. Veronique Doisneau, The Paris Opera Ballet, 2009
  5. Of Mice and Men, American Players Theatre, 2011
  6. Romeo and Juliet, The Royal Ballet, 1984
  7. Beauty and the Beast, U.S. tour at the Overture Center, 2011
  8. The Nutcracker, New York City Ballet, 2011
  9. The Nutcracker, Joffrey Ballet, 2011

Bold means I saw it live.

The sad thing is that this weak little list is a significant improvement over 2010, which topped out at five performances. In 2010, though, I had an excuse–I was poor! This year, I was making enough money to attend more performances; I was just too lazy to actually follow through. But I have plans for 2012!

Dance: A number of ballets are coming up on my Netflix queue. Netflix clearly isn’t buying any new ones, and I want to watch the ones in my queue before they go missing, so the next few months will be ballet DVD-heavy. I’m also leaning towards buying tickets for ABT’s Giselle when they come to Chicago.

Opera: Opera in my city is actually more reasonably priced than I thought, so I have no excuses not to go to at least one live event. Beyond that, I’ll be relying mostly on public television–I have several operas recorded from PBS, bless their hearts.

Theater: My family goes to American Players Theater every summer, so that’s a given, regardless of what actually ends up being on their schedule. The university theater is doing Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, which, given my August Wilson obsession, is definitely on my go-to list. I’m not particularly thrilled with the big-tour musicals on our local venue’s slate; it’s all stuff I’ve already seen (Fiddler on the Roof) or have absolutely zero interest in seeing (Cats). Otherwise, it’s up to the smaller theaters to entertain me this year–it’s my goal to go to at least one local production.

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